About Us

FIAS International was founded in 1974 expressly to provide financial services to those who needed them most.

We believed that by contacting customers directly, and communicating with them in innovative ways, we could provide our customers with valuable services at prices that they could afford.

We partnered with some of the the top Insurance companies in the world, and put our ideas into practise.

Today, our commitment is the same, and we have built on our belief  that to always stay at the cutting edge of marketing practises is the best way to communicate with our customers. Our values have seen us expand worldwide and our international experience is now unrivalled in the marketplace.

Whether it is a digital, mail or telemarketing campaign or a combination, our programs work. Our unsurpassed knowledge built up over 40 years allows us to target exactly the customers we want, and provide them with exactly what they want.

Our marketing programs are quick to implement, simple to manage and generate a maximum return on investment. More importantly, they always deliver customer satisfaction and a strong connection between customers and product providers.

We believe there are still underserved markets, still people who desire and need financial services but do not have access to them. Our mission continues.